There’s obviously a lot more to it than this, but for all intents and purposes, that’s what the conversion funnel looks like. If you have a good product and your videos are simple and engaging, this funnel will work almost every time.
On a mobile phone that is more difficult to do, and if we look at the popularity of mobile phone usage, your point is moot. Having a million views on a video is nowhere near simple. Luckily, income does not flow only from YouTube revenue or ads, there are also other ways.
-Claude February 1, 2017 at 2:03 am Tech News 7 Steps to YouTube Monetization Angela Booth Before you create a video, you must consider the keywords and phrases that summarize the content.
my channel i just started, thanks for the tips
November 25, 2015 at 2:59 pm Richard 5 months ago Reply GETTING STARTED WITH ANGEL INVESTING
While you might get lucky in waking up to find your video has gone viral, this is very unlikely. That said, if you have managed to catch something funny on film, by all means give it a shot.

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Quality content is always the key to attract viewers. And to have high quality content you can never be lack of creativity.
Would you consider spending $100 to make $700 a waste of money? You can also sign up for Patreon, which allows you to launch membership-only video channels through YouTube at a small fee per month for regular rewards. Just imagine how much a YouTube channel could generate if it has the 1,000 subscribers required by the YPP. Charge $1 for a new channel with new content, and you could be looking at a solid monthly revenue stream.
Either you will manually mark up the price or you’ll be given a special discount code when you order through the supplier. With a solid YouTube channel like yours, you can expect to make some steady sales.
Although it’s fun to rank video’s and start making some money on Youtube, don’t overlook the obvious. forgot to mention they send cheques.^^^^^^
January 11, 2017 at 1:35 am Sound recording equipment – Most cameras come with a microphone, but if you’re looking for top sound quality you might need to purchase a decent microphone.
In youtube marketing, this is the very common question for who are the newbie in the platform. It depends on some factors that are told above this post. If you want to more views a youtube video it has needed to doing SEO. When I talking about SEO, the private blog network is very important to boost your ranking. When you are ranking a video you have more visitors and more views.
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25 Jan Online jobs for all Thanks so much for all the information and tips, you guys or gals are legends for helping a ton of people so keep it up and feed us viewers all the information that come to your head
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Patreon: The membership platform that makes it easy for creators to get paid. Fans can subscribe to their favorite creators for as little as a dollar a month and receive exclusive rewards.
525 Things to Sell to Make a Lot of Money Source:
A decent camera – Quality is important and you’ll need to record your videos in full 1080p HD. How to make the best YouTube videos Boost Tutorial Views
Helpful article thanks guys! Wow at some of these comments lol.
At 93 million strong, the Capitol better make room for millennials. FTI Journal Middle East HOW TO START A CLEANING BUSINESS
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